RF Signal Performance

The expansion of Long Term Evolution (LTE) mobile networks and the introduction of enhanced wireless services and devices is causing a greater demand for higher network throughput. At the same time, mobile users expect a quality experience every time they use a device – whether in a city or driving in remote areas. This is forcing service providers to optimize their networks by expanding the cell site coverage area and increasing RF data throughput. Tower mounted amplifiers (TMAs) have become increasingly popular to enhance the RF signal performance and improve a user’s quality of service while using the existing network infrastructure.

Westell provides a comprehensive range of TMAs to improve the LTE network’s RF signal performance from mobile devices. The single band and multi-band TMAs provide one of the lowest noise figures in the industry. Westell’s TMAs are a highly reliable and proven technology providing very low passive intermodulation and bypass loss. In the unlikely event of a TMA failure, the product automatically adjusts to bypass mode – ensuring network availability.

Westell also provides a turnkey services solution for optimizing RF signal performance. From sourcing, configuration, engineering, project management, deployment, turn-up, training, to follow on support, you can be ensured a quality and timely implementation to meet your requirements.

The Westell RF signal performance solution improves network quality and capacity, expands the coverage area, increases data throughput, and improves the user’s wireless experience.


  • Improve network quality and capacity
  • Expand coverage area
  • Increase data throughput
  • Improve user experience

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