Intelligent Site Management

Innovation at the network’s edge often helps differentiate a service provider’s quality, network availability, and reliability from its competitors. As more intelligence has moved to the network edge, intelligent site management has become critical to ensure the continued success of the network.

Westell provides an intelligent site management solution focused on wireless innovation at the network’s edge. This includes remote monitoring, management, and control of site infrastructure while providing quality network communications. The four important areas of focus include the following:

  • Site monitoring and control: intelligent management of site infrastructure and conditions include power, security and communications systems and environmental surroundings
  • Equipment enclosures: ensuring protection of site equipment while providing installation flexibility
  • Ethernet connectivity: maximizing the security and efficiency of network communications while providing complete visibility into remote site status
  • Systems integration: providing a solution customized to the customer and site requirements

The comprehensive intelligent site management solution features the Optima Management System® and Remote suite of products for a complete view and understanding of site assets. Westell’s equipment enclosures can be utilized in virtually any outdoor installation and can provide critical data including temperature, humidity, and DC power quality when combined with an intelligent site device. The managed Ethernet switches can also provide remote visibility into site environmental and equipment status, and by utilizing Westell’s systems integration services, the entire network can be integrated based on each individual customer’s requirements.

Westell’s intelligent site management solution reduces network operating costs, improves network performance including quality, reliability, and availability, improves site security, and ensures the efficiency of network communications.


  • Reduce operating costs
  • Improve technician efficiency
  • Increase network quality and availability
  • Minimize energy consumption
  • Improve site security
  • Provide industrial strength protection for network communications

Site Monitoring and Control

Westell provides a comprehensive site monitoring and control solution to remotely manage site infrastructure.

Equipment Enclosures

Westell provides a comprehensive range of outdoor enclosures that are designed to industry guidelines to protect equipment from harsh environmental conditions.

Ethernet Connectivity

Westell provides a comprehensive range of industrial strength managed Ethernet switches designed for the network edge.

Systems Integration

Westell offers system integration services that range from small assemblies to large site deployments for cell sites, distributed antenna systems (DAS)/small cell/in-building wireless, outside plant, and industrial networks.
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