Environmental Management

Maintaining critical infrastructure at unstaffed locations requires strict control over environmental site conditions. A failed HVAC system can be devastating for a remote site enduring harsh weather conditions. Water exposure can destroy huge equipment investments. Technicians must be notified quickly of pending damage or equipment failures to initiate proactive maintenance and minimize or prevent damage to systems and site availability.
The environmental management solution from Westell provides the applications required to help service providers and tower operators monitor and control remote site conditions before service is affected. The applications use the Optima Management System® and Remote suite of products to provide the following:



  • Allows proactive management of a site's physical environment
  • Enables optimization of site energy consumption
  • Provides performance and trending data
  • Conforms to EPA and other regulatory body air quality regulations

Aircraft Warning Light (AWL) Management

The AWL management application monitors tower lights for safety and regulatory compliance from virtually anywhere.

Environmental Monitoring

The Westell environmental monitoring application provides proactive alarms when issues arise, such as the internal enclosure temperature exceeding a predefined threshold or smoke detection, that can harm site equipment.

HVAC Monitoring

The HVAC monitoring application identifies the condition of the HVAC including intake/outlet temperature, mode, etc.

HVAC Energy Monitoring

The HVAC energy monitoring application monitors the energy usage by each mode, equipment load, power quality, etc.

HVAC Control

The HVAC control application provides controllable actions such as adjusting system controls, clearing lockouts, etc.
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