Power Management

All networks require power which can come from multiple sources (battery, generator, hybrid power alternatives, etc.). Power failures or disturbances, whether it is from site equipment, infrastructure issues, malicious intent, contractor error, or adverse weather conditions, usually cause network downtime, lost revenue, safety issues, and potentially customer turnover. It is critical to understand the primary and backup power sources and energy consumption at a site from anywhere at any time.

The power management solution from Westell provides the applications needed to help service providers and tower operators monitor and control multiple power sources at remote sites. The applications include the following:



  • Allows the proactive management of a site's power systems
  • Provides a complete view of remote power systems
  • Enables optimization of energy consumption
  • Provides historical reporting and trending

Aircraft Warning Light (AWL) Management

The AWL management application monitors tower lights for safety and regulatory compliance from virtually anywhere.

AC Power Monitoring

The comprehensive AC power monitoring application from Westell constantly monitors AC power. Several monitoring designs can target commercial power, generator power, or power being measured at the automatic transfer switch (ATS).

Battery Management

Battery management provides vital insight into site power availability, ensures backup power is available when needed, and enables proper battery replacement.

DC Power Monitoring

The comprehensive DC power monitoring application constantly monitors DC power at remote sites. Proactive alarms are available when issues arise, such as power failures, a decrease in voltage, communications loss with a DC power meter, and actual or potential problems that can harm site equipment.

Fuel Management

The comprehensive fuel monitoring application from Westell enables service providers to reduce the number of physical site visits by providing remote access capabilities to valuable information.

Generator Management

The comprehensive generator management application from Westell enables service providers and tower operators to manage the health and monitor the status for both fixed and portable generators.

Rectifier Monitoring

Westell offers a rectifier monitoring solution to monitor the rectifier output and capacity utilization, ensure DC power is supplied to critical site equipment, and identify sites where over-rectification is occurring.
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