Security Management

Security, especially for remote sites, has gained importance for service providers and tower operators worldwide. Theft of critical infrastructure such as electronics and ground bar can be extremely expensive and be unnoticed until an outage occurs. Site access often occurs without the service provider or tower operator knowing. Safety concerns are increasing because of weather (flooding, rockslides, heavy snowfall, etc) and technicians being attacked in unfriendly areas.

The security management solution from Westell provides the applications required to monitor, manage, and control access to remote sites while monitoring and ideally preventing theft and vandalism. The applications include the following:



  • Allows remote management and control of authorized and unauthorized site access
  • Provides safety precautions when authorized visits are required
  • Helps prevent theft and vandalism
  • Provides video surveillance of site conditions

Surveillance Management

The surveillance management application provides motion detection throughout a site and enables video surveillance to be monitored and managed remotely.
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