Site Monitoring and Control

Service providers and tower operators were initially focused on network coverage. Priority then moved to network availability. With the LTE evolution, network capacity is now a primary concern. With the shifting of requirements to managing faster speeds and higher capacity, more intelligence is moving to the network edge. This has increased the importance of the edge support infrastructure, such as power systems, environmental controls, and security. Comprehensive site management manages this critical network infrastructure to ensure the continued success of the network.

Westell provides a comprehensive site monitoring and control solution to remotely manage site infrastructure. The four important areas of focus include the following:

The comprehensive site monitoring and control solution features the Optima Management System® and Remote suite of products for a complete view and understanding of site assets – often without a site visit. This enables the ability to remotely monitor, troubleshoot, and correct problems with network infrastructure before service affecting outages occur. Westell also provides a turnkey services solution for intelligent site management. From sourcing, configuration, engineering, project management, deployment, turn-up, training, to follow on support, you can be ensured a quality and timely implementation to meet your requirements.

The Westell site monitoring and control solution reduces network operating costs, improves network performance including quality, reliability, and availability, and improves site security.



  • Reduce operating costs
  • Improve technician efficiency
  • Increase network quality and availability
  • Minimize energy consumption
  • Improve site security

Communications Management

The communications management solution monitors the health of distributed antenna systems (DAS) and microwave equipment across all sites within the network..

Environmental Management

Westell's environmental management solution provides the applications to help service providers and tower operators monitor and control remote site conditions before service is affected.

Power Management

The power management solution from Westell provides the applications needed to help service providers and tower operators monitor and control multiple power sources at remote sites.

Security Management

The security management solution from Westell provides the applications required to monitor, manage, and control access to remote sites while monitoring and ideally preventing theft and vandalism.
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