Outside Plant and Industrial Networks

Building a communications network that can sustain harsh environmental conditions while providing the required reliability to keep customers happy can be a challenge, especially while trying to minimize costs. Whether it’s an industrial, utilities, transportation, or telecommunications network, the connections between devices must effectively, efficiently, and safely carry and process signals throughout the infrastructure (cables, racks, enclosures, power distribution, etc.) while providing remote management capabilities.

Westell provides a comprehensive range of outside plant and industrial network solutions to connect nearly any outdoor building or facility. These include:

Westell’s outside plant and industrial network solutions help service providers to reduce operating costs, increase network quality and availability, improve time to market, and minimize capital costs while improving technician efficiency.


  • Reduce operating costs
  • Increase network quality and availability
  • Improve time to market
  • Minimize capital costs
  • Improve technician efficiency

Equipment Enclosures

Westell provides a comprehensive range of outdoor enclosures that are designed to industry guidelines to protect equipment from harsh environmental conditions.

Site Monitoring and Control

Westell provides a comprehensive site monitoring and control solution to remotely manage site infrastructure.

Power Distribution

Westell provides a comprehensive power distribution solution including fuse and breaker panels to safely distribute power to site equipment and protect network wiring from overload conditions.

Ethernet Connectivity

Westell provides a comprehensive range of industrial strength managed Ethernet switches designed for the network edge.

Copper/Fiber Connectivity

The Westell copper and fiber connectivity solution provides a flexible demarcation platform that handles Ethernet, fiber, copper, DS1, and DS3 services.

Network Demarcation

The Westell network demarcation solution includes a range of T1 and DS3 NIUs, rack-mount and wall-mount mountings for demarc products, lightning protection panels, span power units, and intelligent T1 line repeaters. 

Systems Integration

Westell offers system integration services that range from small assemblies to large site deployments for cell sites, distributed antenna systems (DAS)/small cell/in-building wireless, outside plant, and industrial networks.
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