Equipment Enclosures

Finding the right enclosure to store and protect networking equipment and accessories such as monitoring and control devices, radios, power systems, and outside plant infrastructure can be challenging. There are many considerations: number of racks required (for now and in the future), design and deployment options, size, installation time, outside environmental conditions, and much more. Service providers, tower operators, governments, and other organizations need to ensure the right enclosures are used to protect networking equipment.

Westell provides a comprehensive range of outdoor enclosures that can be utilized in virtually any installation. The enclosures are designed to NEMA Type 3R, NEMA Type 4, and Telcordia GR-487 guidelines to protect equipment from harsh environmental conditions. Because Westell enclosures have a similar yet flexible design layout, installation is fast and configuration changes can be easily made when a network demands change. This ensures equipment can be operational quickly, and no additional technician training is required. By adding a Kentrox intelligent site device that fits into nearly any Westell roadside, tower, or cell site enclosure from Westell, the “intelligent enclosure” can then provide critical data, including temperature, humidity, and DC power quality.

Westell also offers systems integration services to build an enclosure solution customized to each site’s requirements. All enclosure equipment is specified by the customer, and Westell then simplifies the integration process with assembly, installation, and testing the entire solution before delivery to the site, saving time and money.

Westell’s equipment enclosures solution ensures the protection of site equipment, minimizes capital costs, and improves technician efficiency while ensuring flexibility when changes are needed.


  • Ensure protection of site equipment
  • Minimize capital costs
  • Improve technician efficiency
  • Minimize real estate space required
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