Network Demarcation

Understanding what’s happening on a service provider’s network up to the demarcation point (handoff to the customer’s equipment) is important to ensure a customer’s network availability to the premises. Network interface units (NIUs) located at the demarcation point are critical devices for providing the necessary information to understand where in the network a problem exists – on the customer or service provider side.

Westell offers a range of T1 and DS3 NIUs which provide comprehensive maintenance and monitoring tools to proactively respond to circuit degradation – before a service outage occurs. If a network issue exists, remote diagnostic and testing capabilities can identify if the problem is on the service provider or customer side of the NIU. The T1 and DS3 NIUs also provide signal regeneration to maximize signal strength.

The Westell network demarcation solution includes protection panels to protect people and equipment from high voltage situations, such as during a lightning storm. The Westell network demarcation solution improves remote testing and troubleshooting capabilities, enables real-time and stored performance monitoring, maximizes signal strength, and protects equipment from power surges.

Westell also offers intelligent T1 line repeaters providing signal regeneration and bi-directional addressable loopback. Each repeater on a span can be assigned a unique address for sectionalized T1 span troubleshooting. When an issue occurs in the span, the service provider can identify exactly where the issue is prior to visiting the site, improving technician efficiency and minimizing network outages.


  • Convenient interface point between service provider and customer
  • Improve remote testing and troubleshooting
  • Provide real-time and stored performance monitoring
  • Maximize signal strength
  • Improve network availability
  • Protect equipment from power surges
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