Power Distribution

Power – all networks need it to function. Whether a cell site, roadside cabinet, or central office, without power, a network is unavailable - creating unhappy customers. With the continual need to upgrade and build out existing networks to expand coverage, service providers and tower operators need to ensure their capital investments are well protected.

Westell provides a comprehensive power distribution solution including fuse and breaker panels to safely distribute power to site equipment and protect network wiring from overload conditions. Fuses and breakers are continually monitored, and an alarm will automatically be generated when issues occur, such as a current protection device being damaged. The power distribution solution, which includes several UL Listed and NEBS Level 3 approval products, features flexible design options including broad voltage range, polarity agnostic, and front and rear access panels. The highly reliable and proven technology makes it ideal for any enclosure and equipment rack installations.

The Westell power distribution solution improves network reliability, ensures equipment safety, improves technician efficiency, and protects your capital investment.


  • Improve network reliability
  • Ensure equipment safety
  • Improve technician efficiency
  • Protects capital investment
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