Copper/Fiber Connectivity

Connectivity is a critical requirement for successful integration, expansion, and network demarcation (handoff to the customer’s equipment) for supporting and growing a network. When multiple services are available, however, managing the connectivity in a minimal space is often challenging. Because the equipment is often at the customer’s premises, limiting access can also be a security challenge.

Westell offers a suite of products for copper and fiber connectivity management. Westell’s fiber termination drawers provide safe management of fiber cables and connections in a one rack unit (1 RU) device. The suite of universal connectivity enclosures and panels are used to provide a standard interface to terminate any combination of 10baseT, 100baseT, DS1, DS3, and other services by utilizing the appropriate coupler interface. Westell’s secured enclosures enable a simple handoff to several services such as fiber-based GigE/SONET and copper-based Ethernet and TDM. With the unique swinging design, the mounting footprint is minimized. Westell’s connectivity panels include provisions for cable management to keep incoming and outgoing cables neat and secure, providing easy cable management.

The Westell copper and fiber connectivity solution provides a flexible demarcation platform that handles Ethernet, fiber, copper, DS1, and DS3 services. Additionally, a secure access point is available for both the customer and service provider to ensure a protected customer hand-off across applications.


  • Provides a flexible demarcation platform for Ethernet, fiber, copper, DS1, and DS3 services
  • Ensures secure and separate access areas for customers and service providers
  • Reduces capital expenses by utilizing a single demarcation device for mixed services
  • Minimizes equipment space required in enclosures
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