Deployment Services

Deployment schedules demand strict adherence to the project objectives. With the increased complexities of new technology, using proven methodologies and technological expertise helps ensure that your objectives are met within the specified time and cost constraints. The extensive range of Westell deployment services ensures you’ll maintain your implementation schedule. Westell offers the following deployment services for wireless and fixed line carriers:

Westell also offers a complete range of support offerings.


  • Completion of projects on time and within budget
  • Minimizes and controls project costs
  • Accelerates time-to-market
  • Improves return on investment
  • Exposes and familiarizes your team with the new system

Project Management

The extensive range of Westell project management services ensures the deployment schedule is maintained and the implementation plan is successfully completed.

Engineering & Furnishing

With the Westell Engineering and Furnishing services, you are assured of the right people with the necessary subject matter expertise. 

Installation Services

Westell provides comprehensive installation services based on your requirements.

Provisioning and Turn Up

Our experienced deployment team can commission and integrate all Westell hardware and software and configure the system per an agreed Statement of Work.

Site Surveys

An Optima management system site survey is conducted prior to deployment of the Optima system so that all current site information can be entered into Optima.
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