Tower Mounted Amplifiers

Westell’s tower mounted amplifiers (TMAs), an integral product suite in the cell site optimization solution, provide a cost-effective method for optimizing a cell site’s RF signal performance. A TMA is usually mounted on the top of a cell tower close to the antenna before the long cable run to the eNodeB to minimize signal loss.

The TMAs utilizes a low noise amplifier (LNA) to filter and amplify the uplink signal, extending the range of the uplink signal, providing higher data throughput, and increasing site capacity. The downlink signal is also filtered to minimize unnecessary out-of-band noise. If a power or LNA failure occurs, the TMA keeps the sector active with only slight signal degradation.

Westell’s highly reliable TMAs optimize LTE radio access networks by expanding a cell site’s coverage area, increasing site capacity, improving the user experience, and are highly reliable.

Product Highlights

  • Improve network quality, availability, and capacity
  • Expand coverage area
  • Increase data throughput
  • Improve user experience

Single Band Tower Mounted Amplifiers

Westell single band TMAs filter and amplify one frequency band:  700MHz, AWS, 850MHz or 1900MHz.

Multi Band Tower Mounted Amplifiers

Westell multi band TMAs filter and amplify two frequency bands in a single unit, or filter and amplify a single frequency band while bypassing a second frequency band.

Ancillaries for Tower Mounted Amplifiers

Westell offers a line of cell site optimization ancillary products that are designed to maximize the performance of your tower mounted amplifier installation.
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