Network Interfaces

When introduced more than 20 years ago, the Westell SmartJack™ became the industry standard for Network Interface Units (NIUs). Today, Westell offers a complete line of products for SONET/TDM applications, including customer demarcation, NIU mountings, span powering, office and line repeaters, and lightning protection modules and panels.

Product Highlights

  • Convenient interface point between service provider and customer
  • Improve remote testing and troubleshooting
  • Provide real-time and stored performance monitoring
  • Maximize signal strength
  • Improve network availability
  • Protect equipment from power surges

Network Interface Units (NIUs)

Westell's line of Network Interface Units provides a comprehensive suite of maintenance and monitoring tools for deploying and terminating DS3, T1 and DS1 services.

Network Interface Mountings

Available in both rack-mount and wall-mount options, Westell's line of indoor mountings for network interfaces are constructed to meet NEBS requirements.


Increase efficiency in trouble sectionalization with Westell's Intelipulse T1 Office and Line Repeaters. Intelipulse products reduce mean time to repair and help lower maintenance costs.

Span Power and Protection

The SPW system reduces service outages via transient protection. The SPW can provide span power to the remote T1 NIU chassis, eliminating the need for local power at the T1 NIU chassis.

Lightning Protection

Westell provides modules, panels and kits that are designed to prevent telco equipment from lightning and other electrical surges.
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