Switch Mediation System

Switch from Westell is a mediation system for efficient protocol interaction and communication between operations support systems, next-generation operations support systems, and network elements. Switch ensures all network elements are connected and visible regardless of the physical or logical connection, increasing network availability and enabling intelligent corrective action.

Switch enables organizations to:
  • Increase network availability
  • Reduce operational expenses
  • Improve network utilization
  • Gain flexibility in your architecture
Switch delivers maximum connectivity and mediation with a wide array of intelligent cards and chassis. The following chassis are available:
  • 180 chassis - eight slot chassis
  • 130 chassis - three slot chassis
  • 120 chassis - dual slot chassis
  • 110 chassis - single slot chassis
Cards available include:

Product Highlights

  • Support for a wide variety of network element physical interfaces
  • Protocol conversion, mediation and transport
  • Multiple WAN interface configurations
  • Efficiently manages legacy systems over IP networks
  • Simplifies management of multi-vendor environments

232 Line Card

The 232 is a 32 serial port line card. It can support speeds up to 115 Kbps on each RS232 port and can be setup as a high speed terminal server.

296 Line Card

The 296 line card is a 16 port, high speed line card that provides flexible connectivity to equipment serial ports for enhanced remote management.

Extend Line Card

The Extend line card facilitates rapid integration of network elements with both legacy and next generation operations support systems (OSS).
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