Westell Technologies is a global leader of intelligent site management, in-building wireless, cell site optimization, and outside plant solutions focused on wireless innovation at your network's edge. The comprehensive solutions and products that Westell provides enable service providers, tower operators, and other network operators to reduce operating costs and improve network performance. With millions of products successfully deployed worldwide, Westell is a trusted partner for transforming networks into high quality, reliable systems.

Product Highlights

  • Site monitoring, management and control
  • Improve DAS and small cell network performance
  • Expand cell site coverage area and increase data throughput
  • Ensure protection of site equipment
  • Ensure equipment safety and network reliability
  • Connect devices on the network edge
  • Improve efficiency with cable management products
  • Improve network availability with network interface products
  • Improve network utilization with flexible and scalable products

Site Management

Westell offers comprehensive solutions for managing all types of physical network operator sites.

ClearLink™ In-Building

Cellular Specialties, Inc., a division of Westell, provides a comprehensive set of ClearLink™ in-building wireless products to ensure the wireless coverage and capacity required to optimize the customer experience.

Tower Mounted Amplifiers

Westell's Tower Mounted Amplifiers are cost-effective tools to extend cell site coverage and improve cell site capacity by conditioning and amplifying the user‐endpoint uplink signal in an LTE radio access network.

Outdoor Cabinets

Westell offers a large line of secure, weather-tight outdoor cabinets, designed to house and protect a wide range of electronic equipment.

Fuse and Breaker Panels

Westell offers an extensive line of fuse panels for secondary power distribution and breaker panels for primary protection applications. Built in the USA, Westell leads the industry in flexibility, price competitiveness, and product availability.

Ethernet Switches

Westell offers a complete line of Ethernet products, including temperature-hardened managed Ethernet switches and Ethernet extension devices.

Copper/Fiber Management

Westell offers a complete line of copper/fiber management products for terminations and hand-offs.

Network Interfaces

Westell offers a complete line of products for SONET/TDM applications, including customer demarcation, NIU mountings, span powering, office and line repeaters, and lightning protection modules and panels.

Protocol Mediation Gateways

Westell protocol mediation gateways connect diverse devices and disparate networks to your common network management infrastructure.
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