Ancillaries for Tower Mounted Amplifiers

Westell offers a line of cell site optimization ancillary products that are designed to maximize the performance of your tower mounted amplifier installation.

AISG Controller
Westell offers a portable AISG Controller kit as well as a rack-mount or wall-mount 3-port AISG Controller. The kit is a convenient tool for on-site maintenance and service of AISG devices such as Westell’s line of variable gain TMAs or other manufacturers’ Remote Electronic Tilt (RET) antennas. The rack mountable 3-port AISG Controller can be used to configure and monitor AISG devices locally or remotely using an intuitive web interface or a command line interface.

Current Injector Modem
Westell current injector modems are AISG 2.0 compliant with residual lightning pulse protection. Available with a built-in bi-directional modem, Westell CIMs are ultra-low loss and have an ultra-compact design.

Power Distribution Unit
Power distribution units from Westell are 1RU units and will support from one to six TMAs. These modular and compact PDUs interpret alarm states and forward to main BTS alarm.

Product Highlights

AISG Controller
  • Supports both AISG v1.1 and AISG v2.0 for control and monitoring of AISG line devices
  • Controls TMA gain and mode settings
  • Controls RET antenna tilt angle, configuration, and calibration settings
  • Simple operation
  • Compact size

Current Injector Modem
  • Weatherized for outdoor or indoor use
  • Ultra low loss
  • High DC to RF isolation
  • Residual lightning pulse protection
  • AISG channel pass through

Power Distribution Unit
  • 19" wide, 1 RU design
  • Supports 1-6 TMAs
  • 20-60V DC, positive or negative
  • Modular and compact
Part # AISG Connectors Application Max Output to AISG Devices
AISG Controller
A99-AISG-CNTRL-A 1 Female Portable with additional equipment and carrying case included 17 W
B99-AISG-RM3 3 Female Rack-mount (1RU) or Wall-mount 50 W
Part # RF Connector to BTS/eNodeB RF Connector to TMA/ANT
Current Injector Modem
AWC-CIM+ 7/16 DIN Male 7/16 DIN Female
AWC-CIM+R 7/16 DIN Female 7/16 DIN Male
Part # Max. Output Current # of Sectors Supported
Power Distribution Unit
AWC-PDU-6 375mA/TMA port 3 (6 TMAs)
AWC-PDU-6-2X2P 750mA/TMA port 3 (6 TMAs)
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