Fiber Termination Drawers

Westell’s fiber termination drawers provide efficient all-in-one fiber terminations, connections and slack storage. The slide-out 1 RU drawer is ideal for universal mounting in 19” or 23” racks, complete with convenient composite cable management at the exterior rear of the drawer. This rack-mount assembly’s pull-out drawer and removable top cover offer easy access.

Product Highlights

  • 1 Rack Unit (RU) high
  • Slide-out drawer locks in open and closed positions
  • Fiber termination types: single-mode, ribbon, or composite
  • Includes 2 splice trays (except A90-FTD24P-SU)
  • Detachable and secure top cover
  • Rear composite cable management features
  • Sturdy aluminum construction with power-coated enamel paint finish
  • Weight: Approximately 8 pounds
  • Mounts in 19” and 23” racks with universal mounting brackets
Part # Couplers Fan-outs
Fiber Termination Drawers
A90-FTD24P-LU22 24 LC/UPC Two 12-fiber LC/UPC
A90-FTD24P-LUR22 24 LC/UPC Two 12-fiber ribbon LC/UPC
A90-FTD24P-SA22 24 SC/APC Two 12-fiber SC/APC
A90-FTD24P-SAR22 24 SC/APC Two 12-fiber ribbon SC/APC
A90-FTD24P-SU 24 SC/UPC -
A90-FTD24P-SU00 24 SC/UPC -
A90-FTD48P-LA22 48 LC/APC Four 12-fiber LC/APC
A90-FTD48P-LAR22 48 LC/APC Four 12-fiber ribbon LC/APC
A90-FTD48P-LU22 48 LC/UPC Four 12-fiber LC/UPC
A90-FTD48P-LUR22 48 LC/UPC Four 12-fiber ribbon LC/UPC
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